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Binkert History


Milestones in our company history

For more than 66 years we have been growing together with our customers, continuously developing to ensure ongoing improvement to our services. Thanks to the consistent expansion of our company structure, our service portfolio and our product range, we have become one of the leading distributors of machine tools in Switzerland.

 | Foundation of the Josef Binkert company as a sole proprietorship based in Bahnhofstrasse near Paradeplatz square in Zurich, exclusive representative for Liebherr Verzahntechnik GmbH.

 | Takeover of sole distribution rights for The Colchester Lathe Co., now a 600 Group PLC with the brands Colchester and Harrison.

 | Conversion of the sole proprietorship to joint-stock corporation Josef Binkert AG. Josef Binkert is elected president of the VSMWH, the association of Swiss machine and tool distributors.

 | First CNC controllers with programme memory and editing functions launched.

 | MORI SEIKI appoints Josef Binkert AG as its exclusive representative.

1979 | On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, visit to all Japanese suppliers together with the sales departments and product managers.

 | First use of controllers with screens and automatic tool radius compensation, including those with Fanuc 6T controllers in lathes.

 | CNC dialogue controllers with graphics become more widespread. The company opens and moves into the new business premises at the new site in Wallisellen.

 | Josef Binkert is unanimously elected president of the Comité européen de liaison des importateurs de machines-outils (CELIMO – European committee of the association of machine tool importers).

 | Exclusive representative for Abene milling machines.

 | 40th anniversary.

 | Exclusive representative for Okamoto surface and cylindrical grinding machines.

 | Establishment of the Josef Binkert AG Stiftung.

 | Company founder Josef Binkert dies at the age of 92. Management is taken over by Paulette Binkert.

| The company is lead by a management

 | Complete renovation of the business premises in Wallisellen. Modernisation of the infrastructure and office space. The showroom is expanded to accommodate the loading machines on show.

 | Exclusive representative for Ibarmia moving column milling machines. 60th anniversary: 15 machining tools and over 500 visitors exceed all expectations

 | Exclusive representatives for Nomura DS for Swiss type lathes, Nicolás Correa for machining large parts, Mitsubishi Electric for die-sinker and wire-cut EDMs as well as CMZ lathe machines.

 | Exclusive representative for YASDA PRECISION TOOLS K.K. milling machines for high precision carbide cutting. Foundation of the new business division Tools and publication of the new webshop.

2019 | Exclusive representative for of AXILE milling machines. Purchase of the tool division of company Schweiz. Maschinen Import AG with takeover of all employees, warehouse as well as customer and supplier relations.

2021 | Takeover of the company Schweiz. Maschinen Import AG with takeover of all employees, warehouses as well as customer and supplier relationships. In sales, the portfolio was supplemented with milling and turning machines from Victor and the automation solutions from Cellro.

2022 | New CEO Michel Leu