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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Tokyo, Japan
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Mitsubishi Electric has been producing die-sinking EDM systems in series since 1964 - series production of wire EDM systems began in 1972. Today, Mitsubishi is the world market leader with 2,000 EDM machines per year.

For fast and highly precise eroding results, Mitsubishi relies on the tubular direct drive, which converts almost 100% of the energy into nanoprecise axis movements. This not only saves the electricity bill and lowers maintenance costs, but also gives you a lasting plus in durability and constant precision.

The solid machine body made of specially selected Meehanite cast material ensures a longevity that can be measured in years and withstands high workpiece weights day after day.

Mitsubishi can offer some unique options for wire EDM machines, such as the wire threading system or the core hold function.

Spare parts for Europe are supplied centrally from Germany, which enables delivery within 24 hours.

Short profile

Founded in 1921
142'340 employees
Capacity 2'000 machines/year
40'000 installations
Headquarter in Japan
Manufacturing in Japan

(status as at 01/01/2019)

Products EDM machines
Website Manufacturer


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