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ARNO - Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH

Ostfildern, Germany
ARNO - Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH


ARNO is known for the world's most comprehensive range of high-positive indexable inserts. These are developed, grinded and cutting edge finished completely in-house – and have been for around 30 years. They now grind 3 million plates annually. Their strengths also include a comprehensive grooving and cutting-off program as well as a tool program for Swiss type machining. ARNO is very innovative and is constantly developing new products such as the new ACS4, a cooling system specially designed for the grooving program. These are modules manufactured using the 3D printing process with flow-optimised cooling channels, in which not only the cutting edge of the tool is cooled, but also the free surfaces and both side flanks. Compared to the market competitors, this allows a 300% longer service life to be achieved with the same cutting parameters.

Short profile

Founded in 1962
230 employees
24'500 stock items
Headquarters in Germany
Manufacturing in Germany

(Status as at  01.12.2019)

Indexable inserts
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